8 Steps For Effective and Healthy Weight Loss

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Why weight loss – For a person to go for weight loss, they need to have a strong reason for the same. It could be to match some criteria of selection or can be due to health reasons or simply to look good. Once the reason has been understood a strong desire to lose weight needs to come from within which would also be the motivating force to get ready for this battle with excess weight.

Target weight loss – Ideally one can easily decide to get back to their ideal weight that can be determined by the height and weight chart. The built of the person also needs to be kept in mind as they can be categorized into medium built, good built or heavy build category. Another good way to find out the ideal weight is to go for whole body composition which includes BMI, BMR, complete body fat analysis also. After this an analysis can be done if Herbalife weight loss products in Delhi or elsewhere need to be added for better and effective results. A study done by Apollo hospital has also confirmed the same.

Timeline for weight loss – A target without a time frame is not meaningless. Thus we need to define a time line for the same so that measurements can be taken every month to check progress and also take corrective action as may be required. For instance, Herbalife weight loss shakes or Herbalife cellulose may be added or some changes can be made to the consumption pattern.

Decision – Once the above parameters have been thought of and a decision made with regards to how much weight loss is to be achieved and in how much time, then we can move to the next level of deciding the methodology to be followed to achieve the same. Herbalife products for weight loss have been very effective with all the side benefits in it.

How to achieve weight loss – This has to be a combination of right mindset with a good diet and exercise every day. Herbalife formula 1 shakes have been a popular brand for weight loss across the world for over 35 years now. The range includes Herbalife mango shake apart from chocolate shake and the vanilla shake.

Commitment – To achieve the targeted weight loss one has to be committed to the daily schedule. The commitment once made is irrevocable. So be committed else you will end up giving excuses. Herbalife formula 2 or Herbalife multivitamins and Herbalife Cell activator have been excellent support in the weight loss program and make sure the human cells are all pepped up and ready for weight loss.


Discipline – This goes without saying to achieve the target weight loss the schedule has to be non-negotiable. For this discipline of good diet with Herbalife meal plan and daily exercise is a key to achieve the desired result. As they say 100% mindset can be achieved with a combination of 80% good nutrition along with 20% exercise daily.

Consistency – A strong decision once taken has to be regularly followed with everyday without any gap. A human by nature is always supposed to be lazy and constantly looking for easier option. Please do not fall into this trap and be another victim of non-achievement. Herbalife weight loss plan has already made it easy enough for us humans to achieve our targets even more effectively.

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